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Ever dream of owning a house on a beautiful and tranquil Greek Island ? Plano Real Estate can make your dream come true.....

Lesvos island

Lesvos is an island of great history and tradition. According to Greek mythology, the island was first populated from the descendants of king Makareas, the son of Helios. Makareas had many children and some of them gave their names of towns of the island, such as Mytilene, Issa, Methemna, Arisve, Antissa and Eresos. His daughter Methemna married Lesvos, the son of another mythical king, where the island's name comes from
Lesvos has to show many intellectual persons. Terpandros, Alkaios, Sappho and Arion, are the most famous worldwide, combining their names with the culture and history of the island. Lesvos has also many historical monuments, as the castles of Mytilene and Molyvos, the ancient theater, the Menander house, the Roman aquaduct and many churches and buildings from the Byzantin period and the Turkish occupation. There are many museums that preserve the history, the arts and the civilization of the island
Many people are farmers, fishermen but most of them are occupied in tourist business, as tourism offers the greatest part of income of the island. Lesvos has been developed the last years, providing large hotel units, hundreds of shops, restaurants and bars, offering full organized accomodation, food and entertainment to its visitors. The largest resort centers are Eresos and Molyvos, which are visited by thousands of tourists every summer
Lesvos is well known for the production of oil and ouzo. Its oil industry is one of the biggest in Greece and the island if full of olive trees, oil mills and people who work at olive farms. It is the production center of ouzo, and in many villages are still many-decades old distilleries as ouzo has been produced in the island centuries ago.
Food inludes all kinds of fresh fish in many variations. There are hundreds of tavernas all over the island offering traditional tastes near the sea. There are also restaurants, fast food and the Greek-famous souvlaki food shops
The presence of religion is also one of the strong points of the island. There are hundreds of christian churches everywhere, from the biggest towns to the most distant mountain or coast. Most famous are the imposing church of Agios Therapon in Mytilene, the churches of Agios Rafael, Taxiarhis and Panagia of Agiasou. Thousand of visitors come any time of the year to honour the saints of the island. The most scenic villages are Sykamnia, Agiassos, Sigri. There you can still find people traditionally dressed, using donkeys for their work who live in stone-build houses unaffected by the development of the time
But the greatness of the island is its sea and sun.Hundred kilometers of coast, full of beaches, organized or not, for swimming, sunbathing or anything you can imagine near the clear blue water.Most of the beaches have sand and some of them like Vatera, Eresos and Agios Isidoros are among the biggest in Greece
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